The Late Lord Glass

The Late Lord Glass is now available as an e-book from Amazon!

TLLG-Cover-Draft-3The Late Lord Glass is an adventure story, involving pirates, incognito princes, conspiracies, romance and pirates. It’s inspired by books like The Count of Monte Cristo and Captain Blood but has a more modern, faster pace – not because I intended it that way, but because that’s how I usually end up writing. In the book, Banks is an energetic and self-absorbed young prince who is kidnapped by pirates and spirited away from his country. Twelve years later, after working his way up the criminal hierarchy, Banks decides to return home and reunite with his family. However, things in his old home aren’t what they seem. Blah blah blah, sword fights, romance, secret identities. Basically, all the things I love reading about.

“Written a book” is a loaded phrase. It can either imply that a) I earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks written by New York publishing companies or b) I completed half a draft of my zombie-space-vampire novel but didn’t bother to spell check it. I know one of those isn’t true – I’m not going to earn a lot of money – and I hope that I didn’t accidentally write a zombie into this. I did use spell check. This book took three years and four complete drafts, with some 2.5’s and 3.2’s along the way.

I love telling stories. I like writing when my fingers aren’t tired. And although this book isn’t my first, it’s the first one that’s worth sharing. I tried to write a book that I wanted to read, involving the elements I love and leaving out the tropes and cliches that annoy me. Did it work? Who knows? It’s only 99 cents, so you can find out yourself.



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